Tuesday, January 13, 2015

That One Time When Something Amazing Happened...

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Last year this time, I was preparing to audition for a show called, provocatively, "Listen To Your Mother." The movement that started with blogger and humorist Ann Imig in Wisconsin in 2010 had quickly worked its way across the country and was debuting in Charleston in May 2014.

And I wanted to be a part of it.

I had just rebooted my freelance writing career. At 50 I had just published my first book. A book which had a large part to do with having a great mom and trying to be a good one. I was one of oh, about a bajillion talented writers in Charleston SC....


I slammed on the brakes. I was suddenly afraid. What was I thinking? What if I just embarrassed myself? There were so many people more qualified than me. Did I really have a chance?

I couldn't know for sure. Maybe. Maybe not.

But one thing I did know:

Regardless of who else showed up, if I gave into the fear and didn't audition, I most definitely would NOT be on that stage come May.

Nobody was going to come knocking on my door unexpectedly, like Ed McMahon offering me a giant Publisher's Clearing House check, and beg me to be in the show.

And if I didn't at least try, nobody was going to hear my story.

Because here's the thing about life: You might dream about winning the lottery, but if you never buy a ticket you can be 100% sure that dream will NEVER come true.

The things we want - the things worth having - rarely fall gently and serendipitously into our little outstretched hands as we wander aimlessly through life.

Nope. You want something? You gotta put on your big girl pants, face the fear, and go get it.

Today my "backstory-about-the-story" is featured on Listen To Your Mother Charleston. So if you want to hear how the whole thing went down, if you want to hear the story I auditioned with, and/or if you're interested in auditioning for the 2015 show with your own fabulous, unique story, swing over here to keep reading....

Listen To Your Mother Charleston: "An Amazing Thing Happened"

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