Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bossy Is as Bossy Does - Reposted from

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I am honored to be a guest blogger this week on

I know what you're thinking:
Wow, what better website for Cindi to blog on than one about being bossy!
But, seriously....

This website was founded in a response to the #banbossy campaign by Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg. The four bloggers who started This Is Bossy are writers and moms from across the US, from California to South Carolina, who agree that the wholesale banning of a word like "bossy" is a little extreme. That in fact "bossy" is not a bad word at all! In their own words:
Rather than making bossy a bad word, let's focus on raising girls up and celebrating the innate character traits they possess that make them strong, powerful, opinionated and unique. 
We started this movement because . . .
We Are Bossy

I am proud of the privilege to be a guest blogger and put my two cents in about this whole "bossy" issue. 

Because I'm kind of bossy like that...

Summer camp is a great time for kids to experiment, to explore, to learn all sorts of things. Sometimes the things they learn aren’t detailed in the curriculum. Sometimes even parents learn a thing or two.
For years our daughter has attended a national STEM-focused summer camp held at local schools. I wouldn’t say STEM is her passion – she’s much more interested in language and history – but she really enjoys math and science.
We’re glad she has broad interests, that she doesn’t feel trapped in any kind of box. She doesn’t think there is anything she can’t do, at least not because of her gender.  (continue reading here)

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