Friday, May 09, 2014

my three moms

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Once upon a time there was a little girl who had three moms.

She had a daddy, too. Her daddy was young and handsome and worked a lot to support his little girl.

Her mom, the one who gave birth to her, was young and beautiful, too. She reminded the girl of Jackie O, with her fashion sense and coiffed hair and shy smile.

But her mom was sick a lot. As a matter of fact, it was a miracle the little girl and her mother both survived her birth. That's how sick she was. Only no one knew until it was almost too late.

And that's where her other moms came in.

They were sisters, these three. Her mom was the oldest, but the three of them were thick as thieves. They would do anything for each other.

They were so excited when their big sister married. They loved their brother-in-law. They were so excited when they found out a baby was on the way. When the baby was a girl, they loved her even more.

Which was a good thing. Because their sister was very sick. She was in the hospital day and night for weeks at a time. They were worried about her. And they were worried about their niece. The little girl needed someone to take care of her while her daddy worked.

So they worked out a plan. One of them would go to school while the other one would stay out and take care of the little girl. The next week, they would switch. Things were different back then. School was important. But not more important than family.

Soon the little girl's mom came home from the hospital to be with her. She was still sick, and sometimes she had to go back. When she did, her other two moms would come take care of her. They would take care of their sister and their sister's husband.

Because that's what sisters do.

The little girl grew up feeling very lucky. She had a daddy who loved her. She had a mommy who loved her. She had a little brother. And she had two extra moms. Two extra moms who had children that were like brothers and sisters to the little girl.

With family like this, the girl knew she would never be alone.

They were together for special occasions. Holidays. Birthdays. Graduations. And sometimes they were together for no reason at all. But just being together always made it an occasion.

One day the girl got married. Her husband had three children. And just like that, they had another mom, too. She didn't mind being the second mom. After all, she knew how great it was to have more than one mom to love.

Things were going great. Then her mom got hurt. Once again, her sisters rallied and helped. Because that's what sisters do.

Then the girl's daddy got sick. Everyone tried to help. But he didn't get better.

He died. It hurt her. It hurt her mommy. It hurt her other two moms.

But they stuck together. Because that's what family does. They help each other keep going.

Then, the little girl who grew up finally got pregnant. All her moms were so excited.

Then they found out she was going to have a little girl of her own. She became a mommy. Her daughter grew big and strong, surrounded by love.

Then the girl - who was no longer a girl - became a grandmommy. Twice! (so far....)

And through it all, the girl's three moms were there, through bad times and good times, loving the girl and loving all of the people the girl brought into their lives.

Because that's what family does.

They love.

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