Friday, March 21, 2014

here comes the sun and the bluebird of happiness

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I'm so excited! We're in Wedding mode in our family, and few things will make you as crazy busy and as crazy happy as helping two amazing people get ready to say "I do."

Especially when the bride is your cousin, sister, girlfriend and sweetest cutie-patootie all rolled up into one

My cousin Dawn and I grew up together. I was nine when she was born. I couldn't decide whether to sister her or mother her. I guess I did a little of both.

Through the years we shared homes, shared family, shared secrets and laughter and tears. We were kids together. Then we were roommates. We went through seasons of separation like sisters will, but we always came back together.

And now she is about to be married. To join forces with a man she loves dearly. They knew each other in high school but have spent the past four years rediscovering who they were and who they are. And figuring out who they want to be.

We never expected it would take this long to attend her wedding. She's beautiful, smart, witty, talented, a catch. But sometimes crap happens. Life and the people in it throw you curve balls. Things don't happen like or when you expect.

A long time ago, my mother gave me a glass figurine, a bluebird of happiness. Shortly after, I met the man who eventually became my husband. A few years later, I passed the figurine on to Dawn when she felt ready to find "the one" and settle down.

Apparently it was a one-use-only bluebird. Nothing good happened.

Many years later, after traveling several roads and then graduating from chiropractic school, Dawn moved back to Charleston and stayed with us for a while. Via friends, she found out her old school chum Eric was in town, too. They connected on Facebook. They decided to meet up. They both love hockey, so what could be a chummier place to meet than at a hockey game? Pretty innocuous, right?

They're the only two people I know who went to a hockey game and fell in love. (I'm sure there are lots of others in colder climates, but this is the south....)

A few years and a lot of water went by. Then finally it happened. They decided to get married.

Last November, Dawn told me she was planning to get married in March. Outside. Hmm...

Even though we are in the south and on the coast, March is a very unpredictable month weather-wise. I raised the obvious questions: what if it's cold? what if it rains? what if.....?

Dawn looked at me very matter-of-fact. "Everything will be perfect for my wedding. It will be sunny and 72 degrees. God and I have this all worked out, don't worry."

I wasn't sold, but I sighed and shut up. What was the point in arguing? Like the rest of the women in our family, when Dawn makes up her mind about something, that's it, end of story.

The past few weeks have been very sketchy - temperatures in the 30s, wind, lots of rain. Up to this past Wednesday in fact. Then, lo and behold, the clouds cleared and the sun came out and the temperature started going up! I think I literally said "Hallelujah."

I immediately texted Dawn. Yes, she knew the sun was out, she had already gone outside and twirled around in thanksgiving. Sounded like a good idea.

I went outside in my backyard to feel the warmth on my face. Just as I walked on to the porch, I saw a flash of blue fly by. I stopped.

There was a brilliant bluebird sitting on my fence.

All I could think was, "Took you long enough!"

Guess there are some things you can't rush, some things worth waiting on. Like family. And partners. And spring. And of course, that darn bluebird of happiness.

Welcome, my friend. Let's go have a wedding.

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